Reviews – Why Your Practice WILL Benefit From Them.

Do you look at reviews before you pay money for a good or service?

Often, before we fork out on a big purchase we’ll look at reviews. Have you ever thought that a holiday destination looks really nice but then you read reviews on Trip Advisor and changed your mind completely? Have you ever wanted to buy the newest smart phone but everyone on social media is moaning that they’ve had nothing but problems since they bought it?

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we read reviews for a lot of the goods and services we pay for. Maybe not for everyday commodities, but for holidays, cars, restaurants, large electrical goods, hair salons, universities, insurance companies – you name it, we want to know that what we’re paying for is the best of the best.

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It’s not any different for dental practices.

Bad reviews can make both existing and potential patientss do a complete 180º and look elsewhere. Good reviews can help a practice boom and encourage repeat and new custom from patients.

Today, we’re going to be looking at 4 different types of reviewing system and weigh up their pro’s and cons.


Facebook Reviews

Facebook reviews are probably the weakest out of all 4.  Reviews on Facebook don’t help your SEO whatsoever and only people who are searching for your reviews on your Facebook page will see them. As a result of anyone being able to access your Facebook page, anyone can leave a review, for example, if your practice is in Cardiff, and someone from Canada leaves a bad review, there is nothing you can do about it. Not only is their review irrelevant, you can’t remove it and it will bring down your review score.


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Paid Reviews Systems (e.g. Feefo, Trust Pilot)

Paid review systems such as Feefo & Trust Pilot reviews are brilliant for strong SEO. However, it is very expensive to run and maintain.  In some instances, reviews left by patients are never owned by you. With paid review sites, you can trace where reviews come from but you will need to spend time distinguishing whether or not the reviews are legitimate.  These sites will also post negative reviews BUT it does allow you to go in and address a bad review. Whether you challenge it or disprove it is up to you!

Google Reviews 

Google Reviews can really help with SEO. You can also remove spurious and or negative reviews on Google Reviews, however, this process can take up to 6 months! Six months is a long time and having a bad review hanging over your head seriously damage brand image and ethos. Protecting your credibility is crucial!


reviews, dental practice reviews, dental reviews, practice management, dental practice management, review systems, SEO

Defacto Reviews

Defacto Reviews are industry standard reviews that are largely self-managed. What sets Defacto Reviews apart from the rest is that any spurious reviews can be deleted. Bad reviews can be instantly responded to, which is brilliant for a good public image. All good reviews on Defacto Dentists will contribute to you receiving a 5 Star Rating which adds considerably to your SEO! Did we mention that it’s free, too?

You can sign up to become listed on Defacto Dentists here. Then simply direct your patients to your clinic’s page on Defacto Dentists after their treatment to leave a review. The more positive reviews from patients, the better your SEO!


It’s up to you!

As with all reviews, it’s up to you what to do with them. It is your responsibility to address negative comments, disprove or challenge them. It is also a good idea to shout about your good reviews too, if people love you and your service, be proud of that! Share it on your social media pages – you never know, one good review could bring in a whole host of new patients!

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