The Rise of Invisalign!

It would seem that the search for the perfect smile is never-ending.

There is now no such thing as too-straight or too-white! Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise and it doesn’t look like it set to peter out any time soon.


We all want straight teeth.

Invisalign is one of the most searched for cosmetic dentistry terms on google. It is the popular alternative to traditional metal braces that many of us had during our teens. While they may have done the job, their conspicuous tracks left us all hiding our smiles away. These braces are removable, completely invisible and loved by some of our favourite household names including Khloe Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Eva Longoria to name a few.

This barely-there brace is able to transform smiles in as little as six months – no wonder it’s become so popular!

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Invisalign is available to anyone!

These invisible braces were originally only available in larger cities and seemed inaccessible to those of us in small towns. A Dentist in Manchester could provide you with Invisalign but a dentist in Hamilton couldn’t. There was many an Invisalign dentist in London but not an Invisalign dentist in Wigan.

Now, there are Invisalign dentists all up and down the country, the perfect smile is closer than you think.

invisalign, invisible brace, braces, orthodontic, smile

Thinking about getting Invisible Braces?

Thinking about Invisalign or want to find out a little more about what it could do for you? Speak to your dentist. They will be able to talk you through the process of what happens, before, during and after Invisalign treatment. They may even be able to give you an idea of what your smile could look like after treatment!

invisalign, invisible brace, braces, orthodontic, smile

What to do if your dentist doesn’t offer the treatment you want.

Don’t worry! We can help you. We have thousands of dental practices listed on our website and many of them are offering Invisalign! All you have to do to find one close to you is head over to our website and enter your location. Then, from the checklist on the left hand side, tick the ‘braces and aligners’ box to narrow down your search. Read reviews from previous patients, get to know practice teams and the treatments on offer. Then, all you have to do is pick the one that suits you best.

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