Social Media & Your Dental Practice!

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Social media is a great tool that can help boost the number of patients you are treating in your practice! Not only can it help you reach a new, wider audience, it is also a brilliant communication tool that will allow you to engage with your existing patients. Today on the Defacto Dentists Blog, we’re looking at the best ways in which practices can utilise social media!


Answer any patient queries and questions

Social media communication is quick, concise and easy. If a patient has a question about an appointment, or has a quick query about a dental problem, you’ll be able to shoot them over an answer via Twitter or Facebook. This may save patients coming into the practice, saving them time and saving you appointment time for patients who really need it.


Share any promotions!

Got an offer on a certain type of treatment? Share it on social media! Let people know! It’s a well known fact that everyone loves a bargain, so if you’ve got a promotion on that your patients would love, let them know about it. That £50 saving may be the difference between patients opting for a treatment such as teeth whitening or invisible braces.


social media, dental practice, facebook, twitter, instagram, dentists, promotion, patients


Share any information your patients may find useful.

Got a news story or something interesting to share with your followers? Shoot it out on a quick social media post to keep interaction levels up on your page. Over on our website, we have a whole host of blog posts that you are welcome to share with your patients. Some are fun and others are entirely informative – why not share the links in a tweet? Our blogs cover a wide variety of topics such as children’s oral health, dental myths, teeth whitening and much much more!


Generate referrals!

The average Facebook user has at least 150 friends. If someone likes your page, and interact with your page, their friends will see your interaction. People who interact with you on Facebook and their friends may interact with the page and become a patient themselves. Just make sure your content is relevant and accessible for patients and make sure your page doesn’t go to long without an update of fresh content.

social media, dental practice, facebook, twitter, instagram, dentists, promotion, patients

Vary your social media content.

Not all of your posts have to be written status updates. Short videos from Youtube such as dental pranks always do well when you share them on social media! The more patient-facing your content is, they more likely patients are to interact and share with whatever you are posting. Share any graphics or cool images of your practice on your social media sites. Mixing up the content you are sharing makes you a more interesting follow.


So there you have it, 5 top tips for utilising social media. Hopefully, they’ll help you kickstart your content and bring in some new patients! Remember that our blogs are available for you to share across your social media sites, you’ll be able to find them by clicking the link here.

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