It’s The Most Sugar-Filled Time of The Year!

Christmas, Festive, Sugar, Calories, Dental Health, Decay, Tooth Decay

Christmas is coming!

It’s not unusual for people to go to multiple shops while getting that good old Christmas food shop! It could be to save money, or maybe you can’t get all your ingredients in one place.But did you know that switching up your supermarket shop could save your teeth too?


Calorific Christmas.

Us Brits consume probably too much sugar as it is, but at Christmas, we indulge even further! All of the classic Christmas time foods such as Mince Pies and Tubs of Chocolates are packed full of sugar. Not only will this see us piling on the pounds, our teeth will feel the effects too.


Shocking Sugar Stats…

Teeth Whitening company, White Glo, have compiled this Brilliant list of easy swaps you can make this December to limit the damage to your waistline and teeth! We can’t believe the amount of sugar in some of these Christmas treats!

One of the most shocking differences in sugar levels is in the classic mince pie. Sainsbury’s mince pies contain a whopping 24.2g of sugar which is more than double that of a Waitrose mince pie – containing just 11.5g of sugar.


Christmas, Festive, Sugar, Calories, Dental Health, Decay, Tooth Decay


Cranberry Sauce is another Christmas favourite – 1 tbsp of Coleman’s cranberry sauce contains only 4.1g of sugar whereas Asda’s own cranberry sauce contains over three times that with 13.1g of sugar per tablespoon.

These are just a few of the massive differences in what’s on different supermarket shelves! But these little differences can make a huge difference to our overall health and our oral health.


What Else Can You Do?

To slash additional sugar intake this Christmas, opt for healthier versions of treats. That doesn’t need to be as bad as it sounds! When you’re doing your Christmas shop, look for cakes and pastries that don’t contain icing and opt for dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate where possible. If you enjoy a drink or two, try to use mixers that are sugar free.


Christmas, Festive, Sugar, Calories, Dental Health, Decay, Tooth Decay


Whatever your favourite Christmas Treat, the key is moderation! As long as you are maintaining your dental care routine at home over the festive period, your teeth should be just fine!

What is your favourite Christmas treat? Do you think you will be switching up some of your supermarket shopping to save your teeth this year? Let us know!

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