Is Vaping The Reason For The Staining On Your Teeth?

vaping, vape, staining teeth, dentistry

Are you one of those people who switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping? Maybe you made the switch to vaping for the health benefits, maybe it’s because you like treating yourself to a new vape-y flavour whether it be toffee, cherry or blueberry muffin, or maybe you bowed to peer pressure after someone asked ‘do…

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E-cigarettes Shown to Damage Gums

e-cigarettes damage gums

Whether it’s for health or a hobby, we’re pretty sure we all know someone who uses an e-cigarette. The business of e-cigarettes has boomed over the last few years. It’s no longer a business solely for weaning smokers off their habit. Vaping now even has a solid fan base of enthusiasts. A surprising hobby, but…

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