The Unico Smartbrush: A Toothbrush That Cleans Teeth in THREE Seconds?

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What would you say if someone offered you a toothbrush that could clean your teeth in just 3 seconds?

We’d say that it sounds totally bonkers, but a Kickstarter company seems to think it is the way forward!


The device looks like a bit of a weird contraption.

Kind of like a cross between a really big phone battery and a mouth guard. It looks nothing like a toothbrush at all. Brainchild company of the product say that the Unico Smartbrush is comprised of a docking station with a power unit, plus the bite piece — a rubber belt you’re apparently meant to place in the mouth for warp-speed tooth cleaning. Sounds nothing like your average toothbrush either.

You squirt some toothpaste into the power unit, tap to start the circular-motion washing process, wait those agonizing three seconds, and rinse. Hopefully, this will make your teeth as clean as can be.


kickstarter, dentist, toothbrush, handsfree, brushing, dentistry, the Unico Smartbrush


Unico’s reason?

This method of brushing will take a lot of time off of the traditional 2 minutes method with a manual or electric brush. It will also provide a spotless clean to those who use it too. But is this something that we really need? What is wrong with our good old electric toothbrush?

The clever design dispenses just the right amount of toothpaste and can clean all tooth surfaces in synchronicity. In fact, the whole process should take just 1.87 seconds: they just bumped it up to three seconds just to make sure.


Technology Driven.

The Unico Smartbrush is also connected to an app, which allows users to choose which kind of brush settings e.g. speed and pattern that they prefer. The app also allows users to buy a variety of other products from the company too. The company also promises that their device won’t harm users’ teeth either.


We think this brand could be on to something. Whether or not it is widely adopted over the next few years remains to be seen, but down the line, we think this could be the norm! It might just take everyone a while to get used to first.


What do you think? Is this something you’d be up for trying? Or would you prefer to stick to your regular toothbrush?

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