prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay

Let’s talk about Prosecco Smile…again.

A few months ago on Defacto Dentists, we looked at the infamous ‘Prosecco Smile’ which was horrifying dentists up and down the country. Christmas is just a few days away and we know that Prosecco will be flying off the supermarket shelves in order to stock up in time for the big day and for new year!


prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay


Time to celebrate!

At this time of year, its normal to have drinks flowing all day, from the present opening, til the last guest leaves! But because of this the sugar in alcoholic drinks is attacking our teeth all day. And that doesn’t even consider the sweet treats we consume throughout the day and at dessert time!

Shocking Experiment

Scientists at the Oral Health Foundation have revealed the results of a 14-day test involving a mixture of healthy human molars and incisors. Prosecco is Britain’s favourite fizzy drink and is known for its punch acidity, high-levels of sugar and alcohol content. The tooth was left in prosecco for two weeks and the results were staggering.

Before the tooth is immersed, the enamel is white and shiny. After just two days, it was discoloured and rough, and after two weeks, the surface was beginning to dissolve completely. This is due to intense demineralisation and loss of calcium in the tooth.

prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay

Look after your teeth

Harsh effects of prosecco and other alcoholic drinks could lead to drinkers needing some serious restorative dental work.

So during this festive season if you’re indulging in prosecco, remember to:


  • Brush your teeth twice a day with flouride toothpaste for AT LEAST two minutes!
  • Floss twice a day. If you don’t floss, you’re missing 35% of the tooth’s surface.
  • Drink drinks through a straw wherever possible – we know this doesn’t look great but your teeth will thank you!
  • In the new year, plan a visit to your dentist!

Enjoy the holidays!

We’re not saying don’t enjoy a glass or two! Just make sure that you’re taking proper care of your teeth over the festive season to avoid spending time in the dentist’s chair in the new year!


However you’re celebrating over the next few days, we hope you all have a fantastic time!


If you’re caught up in a dental emergency during the holidays, click HERE to find out what to do and who you should call when your practice is closed over Christmas.

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