0% Finance At The Dentist – A Guide for Patients

Getting the perfect smile can be an expensive process. Whether it’s a cosmetic procedure you’ve been longing for or it’s clinic treatment that’s crucial to improve your oral health, the costs can really begin to mount up.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t get the treatment that you need.

Many dental practices offer 0% Finance options on expensive treatments such as veneers and implants, allowing you to spread the costs over a period of time that suits you.

0% finance treatment


A lot of patients worry that they are unable to pay for treatments and as a result, avoid getting seen by a dentist at all. Consequently, their oral health can deteriorate leaving the patient needing even more treatment.

With 0% finance, you only pay for the treatment – there is NO interest at all, so there will be no nasty surprises!

Let’s create a scenario to make it all clear. Tracey is looking to get Invisalign, a removable, barely there brace that will straighten a few of her teeth on the bottom of her mouth. Her dentist has quoted her that the treatment will cost £3240. The treatment is available on a 0% finance plan. Tracy cannot afford to pay more than £200 per month. Her dentist showed her different monthly plans:


0% finance treatment


Due to her budget of £200 per month, Tracey would be able to choose from both the 18 month plan and the 24 month plan to pay off her treatment costs.


0% finance plans will vary from practice to practice. The most important thing to do when choosing to use 0% finance is to pick a plan that suits your budget. Some people may pay it quickly over a shorter period of time such as 4-6 months, others may take up to 24 months to clear their remaining balance. Some practices can offer 18-24 month payment plans but some practices only offer 12 month plans.  Ultimately, discussing your financing options with your dentist will give you a better idea of the possibilities.

0% finance treatment

If you’re in need of treatment that is available on a 0% finance basis, we can help you find it. On our website DefactoDentists.com, we have a whole host of dental practices waiting to help you. Simply search your location, select ‘0% Finance’ and the treatment you’re looking for and browse your options. Look at the practices and what they can offer to you. Read previous patient’s reviews and get to know the practice teams. Finally, pick your perfect practice and get in touch with them.

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