What To Do When Your Child Has A Dental Emergency

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Dental Emergencies aren’t fun for anyone, especially for kids.

Whether it’s because of a sporting accident, an on-going problem or a complete surprise, children can experience dental emergencies just as frequently as adults. Today on our blog, we’re discussing what you should do if your child has a dental emergency.

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Register your child with a dentist.

You can register your child with a dentist before their teeth even start to show. All children in the UK are entitled to free dental care until they turn 18 years old. It’s a good idea to register them with a dentist sooner rather than later! Being registered with a dentist means that your child can receive an emergency check up and/or treatment. You can find a dentist for your child in just a few clicks at www.defactodentists.com.

Be Prepared. 

You can never bee too prepared in case of emergency. Be sure that you have your practice’s details saved into your phone or written down somewhere. Your dentist is ideally your first point on contact in a dental emergency. It is also a good idea to have the NHS 24 number saved in your phone too. It’s super easy to remember, just dial 111. NHS 24 should be your second point of contact if you cannot reach your dentist, or if your dental practice is closed.  Please never dial 999 in a dental emergency. This number is only for life-threatening emergencies.

toothache, childrens oral health, NHS, painkillers

 Remedy The Pain.

Nobody wants to see their child in pain. Ensure you have plenty of child-safe pain relief at home just in case! This should hopefully help to manage the pain until your child is able to see a dentist. Cold and Hot compresses held against the skin where the pain is may also help to sooth any aches. Please ensure to temperature check these before giving them to your child. Check back on your child every so often to see how their pain/symptoms are, if they subside or intensify. Keep a note of this and also highlight anything that causes the pain to worsen. This information will help your dentist identify what is wrong with your child. Softer foods that are not too cold or too hot will also make it easier for your child to carry-on eating as normal. Hard, crunchy foods may worsen their pain.

Maintain good oral health during a dental emergency!

As much as they might resist due to pain, it is vital to ensure your child keeps on brushing. Stopping brushing may lead to problems in their other teeth – and we certainly wouldn’t want that!




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