How to Increase Happiness in the Workplace

For some work is a passion, for others its an obligation and maybe for some its somewhere in between. However, everyone deserves to feel happy in his or her workplace.

Last year stress accounted for 35% of all work related ill health cases and 43% of all working days lost due to ill health. Unhappiness at work can lead to a lot of stress and anxiety, it will make people less willing to show up and it may even lower performance. You can read one of our previous blogs on Stress in the Workplace HERE.

Everyone deserves a happy workplace
Everyone deserves a happy workplace

Happiness in the workplace can be increased quite easily; taking some simple steps during your working day could have a big impact on how you feel throughout the day. We at Defacto are keen to give you some tips to ensure your day doesn’t feel like such a chore and instead feels like a more enjoyable part of the day!

Set yourself up for the day. Before you get to work, instead of focusing on everything you have to do today, think about what you like best about your job. Maybe there are particular tasks you enjoy, maybe your team is great to work with or you love interacting with patients, or maybe you’re just thankful your vacation is coming up soon! Finding positive aspects of work life to focus on helps you charge up to face the day.

Focus on the big picture. Daily grind aside, how is your current position contributing to your overall career development? Are you still learning interesting new things and applying them? Are you getting everything you need? Or do you need better resources or more training, whether to stay abreast of new technology, become a stronger manager, build your skills, or reach toward your goals?

Looking forward to your holiday is a way to find focus
Looking forward to your holiday is a way to find focus

Keep your area clear. If you’ve got a swamp of papers scattered around so you don’t forget things, make a list of what’s “on” your desk so you can tackle them one by one, then put everything away. Most of us instantly start feeling better and less stressed in a clean environment, whether we admit it to ourselves or not. And while “creative clutter” may have its place in life, teetering piles of paperwork rarely count.

Empty your mind. Jot down everything swimming around in there: what you’re way behind on, what calls need to be made, which employees need to be coached, what you’re worried about. Once you’ve made a mess, use it as the basis for a new list. This time, prioritise. Sure, everything on there is important, but which items can wait another day, and which cannot?

Let yourself think. When mountaineers could scale your project pile, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed – especially in a world that claims multitasking is always a virtue. But switching off the noise and picking one bite-sized, achievable goal to focus on first can make work feel manageable again. If your most pressing task is huge, cut off a manageable chunk and start there. If you need to, write it down on a post-it to-do list all by itself, and cross it out with great enthusiasm when you finish. Then rinse and repeat!

you need to allow yourself time to think
you need to allow yourself time to think

Don’t let problems linger. Got an issue that’s making you miserable, even when you’re not thinking about it? Maybe there’s an annoying phone call you need to make, or a worrisome employee issue you’ve been putting off addressing. Get your worst nightmare over with early, and you’ll feel better afterward.

Make good habits, no matter how small. Sometimes huge projects feel downright unapproachable – an endless set of patient files that need straightening out, for example, or a backlog of past due accounts that need re-billing. Instead of thinking of your largest project as a Herculean task that you need to (but can’t) spend a week on, resolve to work on it for 10 minutes and only 10 minutes when you first get to work every morning, or right before you leave. With constant effort but without the pressure, you’ll feel more virtuous, get more done, and sometimes you’ll even keep working a bit longer when you find you’re on a roll.

Take a break. Getting a handle on your workload may make you feel happier in the “now,” but we also know that proper rest and exercise is just as, if not more, important for increasing health and happiness, and reducing stress. During deskwork, make a point of simply standing up more often, or looking beyond your computer screen. And all day long, from taking a moment to breathe more deeply, to getting a brief walk in during breaks, remember that every physical effort you can make is good for your body and your mental health. It’s a chemical fact!

Sometimes you just need to take a break
Sometimes you just need to take a break

We hope that some of these tips will help you increase your happiness at work. You may not be in a job you love but everyone deserves some happiness in their workplace.


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