Warrington Children Are Missing Out On Dental Treatment

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Children in warrington are going without their dental check-ups. But why?

More than 17000 children in Warrington did not visit the dentist last year, NHS reports.

Children are entitled to free NHS dental treatment until they turn 18 years old. However, some parents do not know about this and it means their children are missing out on vital dental care.

Dental care shouldn’t be a luxury, everyone deserves to be able to see a dentist.


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What’s going on in Warrington?

Statistics from NHS Digital showed that 60.1 per cent of kids in the town – 26,848 – did have their annual check-up in 2017. But 17,814 children in Warrington did not see their dentists during 2017, putting them at risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

Around 44% of adults in Warrington hadn’t visited a dentist in 2017 either. Children follow in the footsteps of their parents. If they see their parents skipping out on dental check-ups, they are likely to do the same. Lead by example, and let your kids know how crucial it is that they make time to go for check-ups throughout the childhood and throughout adulthood.

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Let’s Talk Tooth Decay

Tooth decay remains the number one reason for planned hospital admissions among children. Tooth decay is entirely preventable. With good oral health care at home and regular trips to the dentist, tooth decay won’t be on the agenda!

  • To ensure optimum oral health in your children, follow these top tips:
  • Brush TWICE a day for TWO MINUTES
  • Floss regularly – once a day is just fine!
  • Visit the dentist for regular check ups
  • Limit sugar intake – watch out for hidden sugars in ‘healthy’ snacks e.g. fruit juices, dried fruit, and yoghurts!
  • Get a new toothbrush every 2-3 months

Registering with a dentist.

We know it’s getting harder to access a dentist. NHS cuts mean more and more practices are opting to treat private patients only. However, we want to help you get the dental treatment you deserve. Here at Defacto Dentists, we pair patients and practices and we can help you get registered with an NHS dentist.

To register your child or teen with a dentist, head to www. defactodentists.com. On our website, there are thousands of UK dentists ready and waiting to treat you and your family. On our website, you can read reviews from previous patients and search by treatment type. You can also get to know the practice teams before you go. With a simple location search, you can find your perfect dentist, and a practice that suits your needs.



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