What We’ve All Been Up To! (August 2017)

Welcome back to another month in review!

While this month has been much of the same, we have had a few exciting things in the pipeline. Of course it has been summer holiday time, and with that, we have all been jetting off to different places for our holidays. We wish we could go back for just a little longer!

We also celebrated National Tooth Fairy Day on the 22nd of August, we ran a competition to find the best toothless selfie! Thank you to everyone who took part, we loved all the selfies and had a good laugh in the office taking our own!

Another issue of DentaltownUK has also launched so feel free to check that out by clicking this link!

Where we are, the schools have just gone back and to us that marks the ending of summer, which means that we need to find new digs! So we’ve been out scouring the Glasgow area to find a new place to be. So expect a lot more image of the Defacto/DentaltownUK base to be showing up on our social media. Lets find out more about what the Defacto featured listings have been up to this week!

Bachelors Walk Dental are big advocators of the Inman Aligner, which is a type of invisible brace (much like Invisalign) If you’re interested in that, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them! They are also celebrating 13 years of Andrew Wallace being at the practice! He changed the name to Bachelors Walk Dental and they have been trucking along ever since.

Laffan Dental Care, have had a little bit of a facelift on social media if you think their logo looks a little different. We’d also like to let you know that they are officially the HIGHEST Invisalign provider in Wales, so they’re the place to head if you’re looking into it! They’re also offering a Toy Story morning for all their smaller patients…

All this month Chequers Dental Surgery have been highlighting the importance of oral health for all ages. Especially the fact that some parents are unaware that they need to brush their baby’s teeth. With the rising numbers of infants with tooth decay, please keep this in mind! Of course, practice owner, Dr Milad ‘The Singing Dentist’ Shadrooh had a new dental parody for you to enjoy.

The big news over at Cherrybank Dental Spa is that theyre offering Invisalign for the reduced price of £500! There’s still a little time so please take advantage of this amazing offer!

The Perfect Smile Studios have had a busy month. Their facial aesthetics Doctor, Sheila, has been hard at work improving people’s confidence. If you’re interested in getting a treatment done, get in touch with them! If you need any more convincing about the level of quality at Perfect Smile, check out this patient testimonial!

Aqua Dental Clinic focus heavily on patients with dental phobia and have several techniques that can make dental visits easier for these patients. This includes sedation dentistry and a piece of equipment called The Wand. The Wand is a syringeless needle that provides painless pain relief and is found to be ideal for those who are uncomfortable with needles. If this sounds like something that could help you, contact the clinic! In other news, Dr Maini and Dr Neera’s daughter Nikita has been accepted to Kings College London to follow in her parents footsteps with a career in dentistry!

The SDC Group & Philip Friel Advanced Dentistry are one in the same, even though they have different names! All this month this group of clinics have been sharing out their dental care tips to give you the best oral health you can have. They also provide gumshields and are encouraging patients to come in and get them sorted for any kids who participate in sports for the coming school year. Check it out!

Hannigan Dental Care have a new face on board! A warm welcome to Dean McMahon, Dean will be working Monday to Friday and also offering late night appointments on a Thursday. Why not book in for an appointment with him today.

All last month, Town Hall Dental, were urging people to donate their unwanted clothes. This is to provide and care for those in their community that may need them. The clothes they requested specifically were school uniforms, PE kits, pumps and trainers, school bags, pencil cases and equipment. To help children returning to school who’s parents may not have the means to provide these items. Thankfully they received many donations and managed to hand over a big bundle of clothes to the Calderdale community!

20/20 Dental Practice run a blogging site where you can find out more about what they offer and find out how to help yourself concerning some dental ailments. You can check it out down below!

Don’t forget that 53 Wimpole St are a child friendly dentist! They would be delighted to see you bring your children in and start up a healthy relationship with their dentist at a young age!

Not only are Botanics Dental Care offering half price teeth whitening, they also have a fantastic implant patient testimonial that you can watch below! If you’re interested in the teeth whitening just head over to their page on our website and get in touch today!

United Dental Care Dundee can help you if you suffer from bruxism. Bruxism is a condition where you grind your teeth in your sleep. If you want to find out more about it you can read one of our blogs. One of the courses of treatment is to wear a night guard, which protects the teeth when you grind them. This is what United Dental Care Dundee can do for you! If you think you suffer from bruxism, contact them.

Aligners, Implants and overseas treatment plants; The Briars has it all and they want you to know all about it! The Briars Dental Centre is notorious for their fun ways of spreading the dental health message. That’s why, if you haven’t taken your child for a back to school check up, you should book an appointment! Younger kids will be pleased to know that dino may also be in attendance.

Let’s hope next month is as good as this one! Don’t forget to use DefactoDentists.com to find your perfect dentists, all you have to do is type in your location and we’ll do the rest!

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