Binge Drinking and Bad Bacteria!

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It’s entering the warmer (kind of!) months here in the UK!

That can only mean one thing. Spontaneous barbecues, garden parties and trips to the beer garden. We’re really looking forward to it, even if it is only going to last a maximum of three days!

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Shifting levels of good and bad bacteria in your mouth.

Drinking alcohol could negatively affect the oral microbiome found in your mouth, new research in Microbiome has found.

New research has shown that drinking alcohol, in particularly large amounts, could negatively affect the balance of microbes in the mouth. The study discovered that those who regularly drink, were likely to have much more bad bacteria in their mouth, such as Bacteroidales, Actinomyces, and Neisseria. As such, heavy drinking is not recommended.

Having too much bad bacteria in the mouth can firstly cause bad breath. Bacteria can potentially be harmful, with some causing periodontal disease and others causing a decrease in beneficial bacteria. Your mouth needs good bacteria to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

prosecco, alcohol, damage, drinking, decay

Beat the bad bacteria!

Ultimately, patients need to know that alcohol is acidic and therefore highly erosive, especially when consumed frequently, in large quantities over an extended period of time.

For those of you who can often over do it, you’ll know that high alcohol intake occasionally causes vomiting, which will exacerbate the damage to the dentition.

Here at Defacto, we are big believers in moderation! We enjoy a drink as much as the next person, but we don’t want to risk our oral health and we don’t want you to risk yours either!

As long as you are brushing your teeth at least twice a day and flossing regularly, as well as visiting the dentist for check-ups and if necessary, treatment, you should be just fine.

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