Dental Disease in Your Pets

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How often do you check your pet’s teeth?

Dental disease isn’t pleasant for anyone, or any animal! Our pets can suffer from dental disease just as much as we can. However, our pets won’t often show major signs or symptoms until it’s much more severe.

What causes dental disease in pets?

The cause of dental disease in pets? The exact same as in humans! Plaque and tartar. Over time, plaque and tartar build up on our pet’s teeth causing decay and causing problems with their gums. This results in their teeth becoming sore and gums becoming tender.


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What signs should you be looking out for?

Every animal is different, they all have different temperaments and so all react differently when they’re in pain. However, there are some key things to look out for that may indicate there is a problem with your pet’s teeth:

  • – Rejecting food when they appear to be well
  • – Difficulty eating food
  • –  Bleeding Gums
  • – Pawing their mouth
  • – Whimpering/becoming when anyone tries to touch their mouth
  • – Unusual dribbling or drooling (depending on the breed!)

What can happen if I leave it untreated?

If left untreated tooth disease will cause your pet a lot of pain. A build up of tartar can cause gums to become inflamed, red and sore. Without treatment, this will develop into into  more serious problems that may include tooth loss, infection, or harm to other parts of the body.

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How to look after your pet’s teeth at home?

Tooth brushing is the best prevention, in combination with pet specific toothpaste.  Human toothpaste is toxic to pets because it contains too high a level of fluoride. It’s also not a bad idea to check your pet’s teeth and gums every so often, if you see something that looks unusual, get in contact with your vet. Dental disease in pets is common, and it can be treated.

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