Dr Christian Coachman headlines Invisalign Digital Smile Design Conference

dr christian coachman, DSD, Digital Smile Design, align technology, invisalign, conference

The Ultimate Coaching Session with Dr Christian Coachman

The Digital Smile Design (DSD) World Tour has taken 7 years of travelling to 181 cities and has been seen by 58,000 participants. Now, Dr Christian Coachman is returning to London to demonstrate digital and emotional updates in dentistry and their practical and realistic implementations.

dr christian coachman, DSD, Digital Smile Design, align technology, invisalign, conference

On Friday 9th March 2018 dentists will gain exclusive access to Dr Christian Coachman, (the Founder of the DSD concept). He will be addressing a conference about a digital breakthrough in interdisciplinary dentistry. This follows a recent announcement of a ‘facially driven’ treatment planning collaboration between Align Technology and Digital Smile Design which conjoins Invisalign clear aligner therapy with Smile Design Protocols.

The agenda for A Digital Breakthrough Interdisciplinary Dentistry has been curated to help dentists transition through holistic, digital and emotional dentistry, and will also address the interdisciplinary digital workflow. The intention of the speakers is to advise dentists how to integrate Invisalign with restorative techniques more easily thanks to a streamlined workflow. However, the ultimate aim will be to adopt a less invasive approach. This encourages the preservation of more tooth structure, and ultimately provide an improved patient outcome and experience.

Digital Smile Design Founder, Dr. Christian Coachman said:

“Providing dentists the ability to combine DSD’s unique treatment and patient communications tools with Invisalign treatment planning is ideal in designing beautiful smiles,”

He adds “This collaboration will enable a systematic digital approach for diagnosis, communication, and treatment planning that is in line with the preferred facial balance. For us it is a great honour to do this collaboration with the best company on the market when it comes to aligners”.

The Digital Smile Design concept was developed from protocols honed to improve the facial analysis, smile design integration and interdisciplinary communication. Overall, its purpose is to ensure that the patient’s new smile adds real value to their life. Dr Coachman will be joined by other speakers. Including, Drs Lance Knight, Craig Parker and DentaltownUK honorary editor Elaine Halley, who are leading exponents of this revelatory treatment model.

dr christian coachman, DSD, Digital Smile Design, align technology, invisalign, conference

Dr Christian Coachman considers that digital technology is the trend to break many of the established principles of the dental profession.

He believes that all companies should be focusing on the patient’s experience. Align Technology are clearly pioneers, by putting patients at the heart of the treatment and creating strategies to improve their experience.

The conference will detail the Digital Smile Design and Invisalign workflow. As well as, highlight how the iTero Element digital scanner can benefit dentists and patients when integrated into the restorative workflow, present marketing and management tools. It will also, look at the unique patient journey with a live patient demonstration.
The conference takes place on Friday 9th March 2018 in central London at Landing Forty-Two in London. There is a £350 registration fee and places are limited. So, dentists wishing to reserve a place should contact their local Invisalign Territory Manager. Alternatively, you can click here to register online.


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