Is Giving Up Alcohol The Cause Of Your Sweet Tooth?

drinking, drink, alcohol, quitting, sweet tooth, tooth decay

Giving up alcohol can’t be easy.

With the pressures of social gatherings, national holidays, and celebrations, the temptation to drink can be a hard one to beat!

Studies have shown that those who try to give up alcohol are more likely to crave sugar. People who binge drink are more likely to suffer from fluctuations in their blood sugar levels and as a result, struggle to control their cravings for something sweet.

Giving up drinking can quell your cravings for something sweet, but that can really harm your teeth. Today on the Defacto Dentists blog, we’re looking at how to curb those cravings!


drinking, drink, alcohol, quitting, sweet tooth, tooth decay



As much as we all can’t be bothered sometimes, exercising is a brilliant way to curb the cravings! Surprisingly, sugar and exercise have similar effects on the brain. Going for a run, a brisk walk round the park or taking park in a high-intensity class such as spin class will give you a similar feeling that sugar would. Without adding pounds or damaging your teeth of course!

Natural highs are much better for you physically and emotionally than a sugar high which is often short lived. So go on, get involved and get active!


drinking, drink, alcohol, quitting, sweet tooth, tooth decay


Don’t go cold turkey – allow yourself to enjoy a treat now and then!

You don’t have to cut the sugar fully. Everyone deserves a sweet treat now and then the important part is realising when enough is enough. Those who go cold-turkey are more likely to have short-lived results and relapse into their previous ways. Reward your efforts with a little sugar when deserved!


drinking, drink, alcohol, quitting, sweet tooth, tooth decay

Look for healthy alternatives!

Okay so chocolate might be more appealing than a banana. Slow release carbohydrates in sweet tasting foods like bananas, sweet potato and peanut butter will regulate your blood sugar levels. This will help you avoid the ‘spike’ in energy that often occurs when we eat sweet treats! Chopped up banana dipped in peanut butter makes for that perfect 3 o’clock snack!


Re-gain your focus and remember why you started.


Changing your lifestyle can be difficult. Don’t try to change every single thing in your life at once. Changing our habitual behaviours can be a bit of a shock to the system so a constant stream of baby-steps is often more effective than massive strides! It takes 21 days to break a habit after all.

Ditching the drink is challenging and if you need a few sugary treats to keep you going on the days where the cravings are overwhelming. If anything, it will help you stick to your plan of action and achieve your goals.

Look how far you’ve come – reward yourself and continue to progress!

Good Luck with the rest of Sober October! 

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