International Day of The Dentist

international day of the dentist, dentists, dentist appreciation, dentistry, oral health

Today is  International Day of The Dentist!

International day of the dentist is a celebration of dentists all around the world!

Dentistry is one of the oldest branches of medicine in the world. To this day, dentists are one of the most important people in the medical profession. It’s an industry full of constant advancements in treatment types and technology. And boy aren’t we glad! We were all told horror stories about the dentist as children but now, many treatments are pain free and minimally invasive.

We know that not everyone gets excited about check-ups or treatment, the big chair isn’t our favourite place to be either! But without our teeth, we wouldn’t be able to do many of the day to day things we do without second though. Eating, talking, drinking, socialising, singing and sleeping would all be much harder without teeth.

international day of the dentist, dentists, dentist appreciation, dentistry, oral health

Dentistry is a tough profession.

There is constant pressure to keep up with advancements in treatment, to carry out continuous professional development. There is pressure to keep staff and patients happy, to comply with medical and legal guidelines and to keep a practice running smoothly. In an appointment, you will only see a portion of a dentist’s day. There are hundreds of things going on behind the scenes that patients do not see. It’s not unusual for dentists to work for hours before going to the practice and for hours after heading home at night.

Dentists do what they do because they want to provide quality dental care to their patients. It takes years of training, and without our dentists, we’re certain that our smiles wouldn’t look half as good as they do! Without them, we’d probably have no teeth left!

international day of the dentist, international dentists day

Make time to say thanks!

So whether you’ve a trip to the dentist today, or not for a good while, take time to say thank you. Not only for recent work, but for all the work over the years. It’s not unusual that generations of families to go to the same practice. It’s likely that your dentist has treated you since you were a mere year old!

So from all of the team at Defacto Dentists, we would like to say a massive thank you to all of the dentists around the world. Thank you for making the people around the world smile by providing treatment and care to patients everywhere.

Not been to the dentist in a while?

If you’ve not visited the dentist in a while, it’s time to make an appointment. Head to to find a dentist in your area. Search your location and browse the practices near you. Read reviews from previous patients and get to know the practice teams. Then, get in contact with the practice that suits you best!

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