Tooth Loss In Children

Tooth loss in children is expected.

When a child’s first tooth falls out, it can be a pretty scary moment for both you and them but it is an exciting experience! This week, for part of our National Tooth Fairy Day celebrations, we looked at how to introduce The Tooth Fairy to young children. If your child is preparing to lose their first tooth, this blog post may be of use to you.

As children’s milk teeth begin to fall out, the permanent adult teeth grow in their place. Tooth loss in children is completely natural and should begin around age 5-6 and should be complete by around age 13, although this can vary from child to child. It isn’t a major worry if it takes a little longer.

Adult teeth will be much larger than milk teeth and will not be as white.

They will be stronger and with a strong dental hygiene regimen, they will hopefully last a lifetime.

As such, it may be an idea to consider adjusting your child’s oral care routine. This may be as simple as introducing an electric toothbrush or a different toothpaste into their brushing routine.

In addition to a more advanced oral care routine, it is imperative that your child continues to visit the dentist on a regular basis when they are losing their milk teeth. A dentist will be able to spot potential problems with growth or spacing, and will be able to make a judgement on whether or not your child will need braces.

Of course, not all tooth loss in children is due to their milk teeth falling out.

Occasional knocks and bumps from activities such as contact sports like rugby and football can cause children’s teeth to fall out. In this instance, trying to reinsert the tooth can do more harm than good. Only a dentist will be able to provide guidance and treatment. Make an emergency appointment as soon as you can after the tooth becomes loose or falls out! The sooner you get to a dentist in this instance, the more likely it is that the dentist is able to repair the damage!





In some cases, children’s teeth can be pretty stubborn.

Occasionally, milk teeth can take longer than normal to fall out naturally. This is a rare occurrence but if it is causing discomfort for your child, a dentist is able to step in and speed up the process!

If you’re looking to register your child with a dentist, we can help! Over on our website at, we have many dental surgeries for you to choose from. Simply search your location, select ‘Child Friendly’ from the check list on the left hand side and your options will appear. Take time to browse through your options. Look at the different practices, their teams and the treatments that they offer and pick the one that is most suitable for you. Finding your perfect dentist has never been easier!

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