National Tooth Fairy Day!

National Tooth Fairy Day

The Tooth Fairy was undoubtedly a big part of our childhoods.

We got excited about our very first wobbly tooth and waited impatiently for it to finally fall out, all so we could get a visit from the Tooth Fairy. We’d leave our tooth tucked safely under the pillow in exchange for a small sum of money and she’d never disappoint!


It is rumoured that The Tooth Fairy made her first ever appearance in the early 1920s.


In the 20s fairies were used in many health related adverts. The adverts were targeted at children in an attempt to teach them basic health principles, such as getting fresh air, personal hygiene and a good diet. The tooth fairy was featured in an advert that encouraged children AND adults to have good dental hygiene routines!

Not long after this, playwright Esther Watkins Arnold wrote an 8-page short play for children titled ‘The Tooth Fairy”. It was around this time that world-famous crime and mystery author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle proved that fairies are real by supposedly providing photographic evidence.


National Tooth Fairy Day

Tooth fairy traditions have changed over the years!

Nowadays when the Tooth Fairy visits, she brings a little money for the child who lost the tooth. But did you know that during WWII, children would receive stamps under their pillows instead? In asian countries, children don’t put their teeth under their pillows. They bury the milk teeth near an old tree in hope that it will give their new adult teeth strong roots!

Ever since then, everyone’s adaptations and imaginations about the tooth fairy have run wild! Even to this day, The Tooth Fairy is still hard at work, collecting all the teeth she possibly can. We must say that she’s a very hard working little lady!


National Tooth Fairy Day

Tomorrow on the 22nd of August 2017, it’s National Tooth Fairy Day.

It is a day where we celebrate the Tooth Fairy and all that she does! Here at Defacto Dentists as we are running a competition to offer you the chance to win £100 on National Tooth Fairy Day!

Taking part is really simple, all you have to do is keep an eye on our Facebook page on the 22nd of August and look for the competition post. Comment on the post with your best ‘Toothless Selfie’ with the caption #NationalToothFairyDay, like the post and share it with your friends. We really can’t wait to see all your beautiful gumsy smiles!

Why not get the little ones involved too? Let them snap a silly selfie and you can upload it on their behalf!


National Tooth Fairy Day


The winner of the competition will be chosen by a member of the Defacto Dentists team. The competition winner will be announced on the 23rd of August at 5pm on Facebook.

Keep in the loop! You can see what everyone is getting up to on the 22nd by searching for #NationalToothFairyDay across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Stay tuned to our blog to see what else we have in store for this week as we’ll be talking everything Tooth Fairy, and tooth loss in both kids and adults.

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