A Quarter of Brits Attempting DIY Dentistry

Here at Defacto we focus on the large number of the UK public who avoid the dentist. Whether its poor memory or dental anxiety, we encourage those people to get the dental care they need. However, it appears that British people are trying their hand at DIY dentistry.

DIY Dentistry

It goes without saying that we are against this movement. But, it appears that fear, finances and forgetfulness is leading people to try their hand in the role of the dentist. A quarter of us (25%) have attempted DIY dentistry rather than paying the dentist a visit with a problem. From home remedy braces to removing infected teeth, we are surprised that people want to avoid the dentist that much.

Which part of the UK avoid the dentist the most?

The region most likely to dodge the dentist’s chair is the North West of England (19.2% of the country). It seems Mancunians and Liverpudlians would literally rather pull their own teeth than let anyone else do it. A close second is London (15.4%). The Northern Irish have the least worries about someone else manipulating their molars; they only make up 3.1% of the total.

DIY Dentistry

Sapphire Braces, who spoke to 2,000 people and discovered the nations DIY dentistry trend, conducted the survey. They also discovered that nearly a third of us (29%) have skipped one or cancelled because we hate going so much. The biggest cause of avoidance is cost. 41% of those questioned think it’s just too pricey, particularly if you end up needing a procedure such as root canal work, or wisdom teeth removal. In second place (24%) is people’s hatred of the dental drills and13% of those surveyed said they have a profound fear of needles.

12% of the public don’t appreciate being lectured by their dentist. The questions about flossing and being told of for not doing it obviously aren’t sinking in. Some people hate feeling trapped (6%) when they’re lying back with their feet above their head, and finally there’s the smell of the surgery (4%). However, a third of us would rather spend more on the cosmetic appearance of our teeth (whitening, straightening, veneers etc.) than our health.

DIY Dentistry

24% of people would completely avoid braces due to how they look. Which is a contrast to the quickly rising number of people opting in for adult orthodontics.

We would recommend regularly seeing your dentist. They will be open and listen to any concerns you may have, from cost to anxiety. It’s important to have a good relationship with your dentist. However, it’s very common for people to be afraid or anxious about attending the dentist. However, it’s becoming more common for dental clinics to cater to this and tailor appointments to those who suffer from dental anxiety. And we have several listed on our website. So, put down those DIY dentistry tools and head over to our dental clinic listing website Defacto Dentists to find the perfect practice for you.

DIY Dentistry

Do you avoid the dentist for any of the reasons in the survey? Though we hope you don’t, have you ever tried any DIY dentistry? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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