S4S and The Dunwich Dynamo

s4s sarah bailey dunwich dynamo

S4S employee, Sarah Bailey, to take part in The Dunwich Dynamo in honour of Dentaid.

S4S have been strong supporters of the Dentaid charity for some time now and Sarah Bailey, a member of their Communications and Marketing Department, is continuing this support on with this new venture!

s4s sarah bailey dunwich dynamo

The Dunwich Dynamo is a roughly 120-mile bike ride to the Suffolk coast. Always scheduled for a date sometime near the fullest moon between the end of June and mid-July. The cyclists set off from Hackney’s London Fields park around 8pm and arriving at the beach sometime after dawn.They use the light of the full moon for navigation as the closer you get to the coat, the fewer and far between city and street lights become. This event may seem a little vague, and that’s because it is! Overall, the event is largely unorganised. There is no registration, no timer and no number to pin on to your cycle jersey.

This year, the Dunwich Dynamo will take place on Saturday the 28th/Sunday 29th of July.

Sarah is looking forward to taking part and will be navigating herself (and her bike!) from Hackney in London to where Dunwich once stood in Suffolk. Dunwich is known as England’s lost village. At its height it was an international port similar in size to 14th century London, but was ultimately abandoned due to costal erosion and now stands only as a small village with a large shingle beach. You can find out more about Dunwich’s rich history here!

s4s sarah bailey dunwich dynamo
Ruins of Dunwich

Sarah regularly cycles 7km to work, with her longest ride being 30 miles some years ago. She believes that in order to raise money for charity, she needs to push herself out of her comfort zone. The Dunwich Dynamo definitely ticks that box! She has already started her training and is looking forward to raising as much money as she can for Dentaid.

Dentaid provides important services across the world.

They are a worldwide charity that work endlessly and tirelessly to provide safe, affordable and essential dental care for those in the UK and overseas. Dentaid has helped millions of people in the poorest countries in the world achieve proper dental health care. Dentaid provides equipment, volunteers and training. You can find out more about them over on their website.

If you want to help Sarah raise some money, you can donate through her BT donation page here!

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