White Smiles And Wedding Photos

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Are you getting married in 2018?

Flowers, cakes, outfit hires, the dress, beauty treatments, venues, catering and so much more. One thing that always goes amiss on the list or is shoved to the bottom is your smile.

Wedding photos last a lifetime.

Everyone wants to see the photos and social media has given people the power to post and share photos instantly. So surely, you want to have the brightest smiles.

Previously, pre-wedding whitening has been seen as something for brides and brides only. However, pre-wedding whitening is just as important for the groom. Again, going back the the photos – if the bride has a bright white smile, the groom should too. If the groom goes without, his smile is only going to look dull in comparison!pre wedding whitening, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, dental, smile, celebration

That’s why pre-wedding whitening should be at the top of your list!

We do recommend that you go to your dentist for your pre-wedding whitening. While at home whitening kits are substantially cheaper, they are much less effective. On top of that, they are not always safe and can carry risks if not carried out properly. You can read about the dangers of at-home whitening here.pre wedding whitening, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, dental, smile, celebration

Professional teeth whitening performed by dentists is the most effective way of getting your big smile ready. Not only is it much safer than at home whitening, dentists are the only people who have access to the products that have enough whitening solution in them to allow you to get the results you want.

What you need to know…

However, any credible dentist won’t perform whitening on someone who needs repair work done. Make sure you go for a check-up before-hand to ensure you are able to have any necessary work done prior to whitening. This will ensure you definitely have the smile you want for your big day.

pre wedding whitening, whitening, cosmetic dentistry, dental, smile, celebration

Find a dentist near you

If you need to add teeth whitening to your never ending list of ‘things to do before the wedding’, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! Head over to our website www.defactodentists.com to get started. Then, enter your location and click search. From the check list on the left hand side, select teeth whitening. This will narrow down your search and show you all of the dentists near you who are offering teeth whitening. Browse through the practices and read reviews from previous patients. Finally, pick the one that suits you best!

Maybe it’s not your big day, but maybe you know someone who is getting married this year. Teeth whitening vouchers would make a fantastic engagement or wedding day gift. Most practices offer them, so next time you’re in your practice, why not ask at reception?

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