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Women are better at kissing than men. And there’s proof.

The proof isn’t too difficult to understand, it’s because women go to the dentist.

You might be thinking, ‘well how does that make a difference?’

Let us tell you, it makes a huge difference.

Just over 40% of British men have not been to the dentist in over five years. This is a stark contrast to women. Almost 80% of British women visit the dentist at least once a year. This might seem like a little insignificant factor but it truly does make such a huge difference to a person’s ability to give good kisses.

Still not convinced women are better at kissing than men just because they visit the dentist more frequently?

Let’s take a look at facts…

More frequent visits to the dentist mean that dentists are able to spot signs that could cause bad breath. Dry mouth, tooth decay, tonsil stone and periodontal disease are just a few of the things that could be causing bad breath, otherwise known as Halitosis. If women are getting treated for these more frequently than men, chances are they’re going to have kissing fresh breath! Find out more about beating bad breath here.

Just one kiss can exchange up to 80 million bacteria. You might remember as a child thinking that you can get germs or cooties from kissing boys and girls. Well, it’s true. The bacteria changed from kissing can cause gum disease. Kissing, sharing cutlery, straws or cups can all cause gum disease. If that’s not a reason to get to the dentist, we don’t know what is. Tooth decay can wreak havoc with your mouth, leaving you with fillings, root canals or even extractions.

women are better at kissing than men, kissing, relationship, romance, kissing, kiss

Women are better at kissing than men because women are likely to consume goods that harm teeth.

Chewing tobacco products, smoking cigarettes, over-consumption of alcohol, and exposing yourself to other carcinogens are extremely harmful activities that can result in many health issues, including oral cancer. Studies have shown that men are more likely than women to consume these kinds of carcinogenic products and do so at higher rates than women, which means they are more at risk of developing oral cancer, gum disease, and other health issues.

Time to improve your form?

66% of women saying that they’ve rethought their attraction to someone because they were a bad kisser, it might be worth thinking about improving your form. Men, you really have to step up your game when it comes to oral health! Can’t get a girl? A simple trip to the dentist every six months might fix that.

women are better at kissing than men, kissing, relationship, romance, kissing, kissWe don’t want you to end up like this 

If you’re not registered with a dentist, or you need to make an appointment, we can help you. Head to www. Defactodentists.com and search your location to find a dentist in your area. Browse the list of practice and read reviews from existing patients. Then, simply get in touch with the practice that best suits you and your needs. You never know, you might just have the ladies queuing up afterwards.

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