The Future of Dentistry

Dentistry has come a long way.


The dental industry is constantly advancing and introducing new technologies and treatments that ensure our trips to the dentist are a lot more pleasant than before.

It’s likely that your grandparents have told you horror stories of what dentistry used to be like ‘back in the day’. No doubt there would have been mention of pliers and pulling teeth out or the horrible huge injections and of course, the intense pain!


Thank goodness that dentistry has progressed since then!

Traditional metal braces are now less favoured with more people opting for inconspicuous Invisalign braces and people are choosing to have white fillings instead of dark noticeable mercury fillings. Dentists can now even carry out treatments while being minimally invasive and some practices are offering pain-free treatment!


Even some of the oldest dentists are continuously learning.  

But what about dentistry in the future? In an industry that is constantly adapting, who can tell what will happen in the next five, ten or fifteen years?

Recently, engineering students at a university in San Diego, California have been studying the use of Squid Ink in dentistry. Don’t worry, we think it sounds strange too! Check out this video to see exactly what it is that they’re researching – it is really interesting to see!

The students have been experimenting with squid ink as an indicator of tooth decay. Using food-grade squid ink, corn flour and water, the solution is given to patients to gargle. Afterwards, dental lasers are shined onto the teeth and by using ultrasound technologies, the teeth and gums can be imaged. After exposure to lasers, ultrasound is able to piece together a visual map of your mouth and show the health of your gums.

Innovation in the industry.

While the squid concoction doesn’t sound like the most appetising thing in the world, it is a great way for dentists to examine any problems with your mouth. After all, the sooner a problem is identified, the sooner it can be tackled!


This is just one of the few innovative technologies that are being explored. And who knows? Maybe in a few years you’ll be heading to the dentist for some of this super squid solution!


We’d love to know what you’d like to see in dental practices in the future. Treatment types or technologies – let us know!

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